Waters of the Moon Temple

Discover Your Delightful Self

Waters of the Moon Temple

Waters of the Moon Temple is a new moon gathering that honors a different Goddess every month. Experience working with the lunar cycle and the powerful waters, energy or soma that radiates from the moon as she radiates the light from the stars impacting our health, vitality, creativity, and embodiment of the Delightful Self. 

Each gathering we have a ceremony honoring the Goddess. we invoke her with song, learn about the astrology that guides the theme of the month, meditation, journeying to sacred sites, reflection and sharing. This is a beautiful evening that is nurturing and supports your connection with the reawakening of the divine feminine. If you are interested email me and tell me more about you.

Every New Moon 8:00 - 9:30 pm PST

Suggested Donation is $40.00

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Waters of the Moon Temple Retreat

A 3 day retreat to renew yourself by connecting with the divine feminine in nature, the goddesses, your inner shakti and each other. We will gather in a beautiful peaceful place in nature. You will be immersed in a variety of experiences that give you a direct experience of the love that is in all of nature, and with in you. By connecting in this way you will experience a profound joy, peace and bliss that is infinite. Feel light and clear knowing that your happiness is not dependent on external experiences. This remembering is profoundly healing for your physical body and nervous system. A total reset. 

The word Priestess is a powerful word and translates to one who opens a sacred space, works with energy or shakti for healing, celebrtion, beauty, bliss, creativity, empowerment and transformation. A priestess is a path for those who are called to dedicate themselves to the Goddess and nature through working with ritual, Higher Guidance, bringing back to life the stories of the Goddess, visiting her sacred sites, and working with nature to help reawaken the land. Priestessing is a way of life, an honoring of the sovereign energy within, nurturing your own awakening and healing and then being of service in some way that calls you to the world. This may be in silence or more public as what I do. It is a calling you will feel inside, a stirring of emotion as you remember deep in your bones honoring the earth and being with sisters. Being reinitiated into being a Priestess is a sacred moment and one that supports bringing you back into the wholeness of who you are. The temples of the goddess are sadly long gone in many places but if you feel a connection or curiousity to the word Priestess or have memories of being a Priestess or are drawn to work with the divine feminine energy this retreat is for you. 

Receive 3 initiations to open your connection with your goddess body and reignite your devotion to the goddess. Learn to absorb this sacred energy that is everywhere. By giving yourself permission to directly access and enliven the divine feminine energy wherever you go opening a magical experience of your life where you have access to so much more joy, abundance, and connection. A beautiful part of the weekend is journeying into remembrance of your Priestess lineage. This is a powerful experience to remember a time where you lived in harmony with nature and yourself as well as what goddess you adored, is a key to your pupose in this lifetime.

We will begin each day with meditation, ritual and ceremony. I will teach ways to open and clear your channel so you can receive your Higher Guidance and receive keys to the next steps for your expansion. I will teach you how to work with the moon cycles, your moon time and about the power days of nature and ways to access the natural initiations that the divine feminine has laid at our feet to support our growth and rememberance into love. We will work with various archetypes and goddess's that support your wellbeing, awakening and abundance as well as group energy healings to soothe the wounds of the feminine that are coming up so powerfully right now as a collective and individually. As you heal these and step into your power the aspects of your life you have been "working" on fall into place. There will also be time to enjoy sitting and swimming in the river, journaling, hanging out with the other goddess's. Lodging with shared rooms in a beautiful home on the river and vegan meals are included.

Next Waters of the Moon Priestess Retreat

June 25, 26 and 27, 2021

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