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Higher Guidance Healing 

A 3 month training in Higher Guidance Healing. Higher Guidance Healing blends being an intuitive guide with energy healing. You apply what you learned in the Higher Guidance Group to support the transformation of others. This training is fantastic for those who want to expand their ability to support their clients using modalities that are based in consciousness. This could include therapists, life coaches, energy healers, massage therapists but is also wonderful for leaders, creatives, movers and shakers or anyone who is interested in learning to be an intuitive guide or energy healer for their own personal development. Certification is available.

What is included

Higher Guidance Healing Renewal Session to bring clients or yourself relaxation, emotional balance, and connection with the inner self.

Higher Guidance Healing Transformation Session to bring clients or yourself deeper healing and transformation.

Higher Guidance Healing Clarity Session to bring clients or yourself  in connection with their inner wisdom and connect with spiritual guides to create clarity as they move through change.

Assessment tools 

Read the subtle bodies and other diagnostic tools

Hold presence to facilitate healing

Unwind imprints or patterns of imbalance

Assess root causes of challenges; held emotion, beliefs, inner child healing, cord attachments, past life healing, karmic healing

Teach clients and yourself to ground, clear and balance their subtle bodies 

Discover the soul gift that is within the healing process 

Create a plan of action that supports the transformation from the Higher Guidance Session 

Next Course Starts January 8, 2022

Higher Guidance Healing Workshops every other Saturday 8am-11am 

January 8, 22, February 5, 19, March 5, 19, April 2


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