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Higher Guidance Group

The Higher Guidance Group takes what you learned in Foundations and teach's you to work directly with your spiritual guides. Learn the Higher Guidance Map to guide you where to anchor so that you may easily access your Higher Guidance to expand your life and experience more love and magic. You will learn your unique brand of Higher Guidance as well as how to ask empowering questions. A large part of Foundations is learning to anchor into love so you are in the right frequency to recieve Higher Guidance, we will expand on these teachings and deepen your experience. For many people this includes healing, and clearing away old imprints that no longer serve you which raises your vibration allowing you to trust your Higher Guidance. There will be focus on supporting you in applying the teachings to experience this transformation, some will come from your guides, support from me or listening to others in the group is extermely powerful. I will support you in fine tuning a meditation and daily practice that regularly opens your Higher Guidance every day as well as ways to heighten your guidance. You will learn beautiful, sacred meditations to work with your Spiritual Guides and Higher Self. You will learn the language of guidance as well as ways to work with your inner critic or repetitive mind. You will work specifically on an area of your life with your guides that is calling for expansion. This is magical journey that greatly enhances your expeirence of feeling loved, knowing that you are love and bringing a beautiful magic into your life.


Eastern Bluebird

What is Included

Weekly Higher Guidance Sacred Circle Gatherings Tuesdays 7:00-9:00pm PST

Weekly Higher Guidance Group lessons

Higher Guidance Group manual

Next Course Starts

September 8, 2021 

Prerequisite is completing Foundations in Higher Guidance 

Higher Guidance Group      



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