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Wonderful to connect with you here. I am an Intuitive Life Coach and Higher Guidance Healing Practitioner and Teacher. I work with clients and students who desire to experience more of who they truly are in their lives but feel stuck. I support you in living a life that is full of purpose, empowered and connected to ease and grace.

Many of my clients are natural intuitives but have never received training in how to work with their gift. Living life empowered by a connection to your Higher Guidance and a relationship with your spiritual guides is like absorbing life in the full spectrum of color. I teach you how to Discover your Delightful Self and connect with your Higher Guidance that is always moving you towards greater vitality, ease and abundance. 

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Foundations In Higher Guidance 12 weeks of learning to embody the Delightful Self, an experience of living in ease and grace, no matter what life is throwing your way. Higher Guidance includes living from an expanded operating system of listening to wisdom beyond the mind. There is conscousness in everything, I teach you to access this with your Full Sense Perception. This skill grounds you, allowing you to access the root of challenges rather than staying stuck in the same loop. Receive support in creating daily practices, learn principles that align you with your Higher Guidance and experience transformation in your relationship to your life and yourself. This course is perfect for you if you have had years of therapy and would like to access more of who you are, or need support learning to meditate and need guidance to really harness your intuitive gifts. A prerequisite for the Higher Guidance Group

Higher Guidance Group 12 weeks of magic, miracles, freedom and love. Supercharge your life by developing relationships with your spiritual guides. Your guides are a constant presence in your life and learning their language, your specific brand of Higher Guidance or ability to tune in as well as learning practical tips and tools on what kind of questions to ask, and what each guides role is in working with you. Best of all is expanding your experience of life to include more of who you really are, love, as well as the magic, wonder and delight that comes from feeling a constant communication with your reality that is guided by love. You can read about how to do this but working with an experienced guide is essential to move beyond the mind and receive the guidance that is here right now.

Higher Guidance Healing 4 month training that certifies you to be a Higher Guidance Healing Practitioner. This training is a combination of the most powerful methods of healing and transformation I have experienced over the last 25 years. Learn to work with clients to bring relaxation, empowerment, renewal, vitality, emotional balance, as well as deeper healing work, transforming stuck areas in one's life or imprints. Transforming beliefs, heal past lives, and supporting a powerful relationship of self love and presence. You learn to do this through working with your client's subtle energetic bodies and the support of spiritual guides. This training is wonderful for practitioners that want to expand their methodology or for leaders, creatives, and people who want to be trained to be an Intuitive Guide. This course expands on your experience of what you learned in the Higher Guidance Group.

Waters of the Moon Temple  Monthly new moon, women's circle. The intention is to deepen your connection with the Goddess, within and without. Infuse your life with love, beauty, sweetness, transformation and creativity. We honor a different Goddess each month in ceremony as well as learn about her strengths and gifts. She is our guide for the month, as well as the language of the planetary transits to support your unique expression as you move through the portals of the new and full moon. Included is meditation, journeying to sacred sites, developing a relationship with the goddess, setting clear intentions for that cycle of the moon. There is also a private Facebook group to connect with other goddess's that share your same passion of the divine feminine. 

Private Sessions

One on one sessions are tailored to meet you where you are at. Before our first session, I invite you reflect on your intention for the session. Are you seeking renewal, transformation, freedom from old patterns, guidance about an area of your life, or do you want to develop your intuitive gifts? Each session is done via zoom. A common question is, does Energy Healing realy work over zoom? Yes! In fact, many times the sessions and energies are even more potent. In quantum physics there is nonlocality or the reality that energy exists beyond time and space. 

I begin each session opening a sacred space and time to get centered and tune in. Next, we discuss your intention and what themes are arising for you, as well as desired outcomes. I assess, and balance your energy field, identifying and transforming root causes of challenging patterns you are experiencing with Higher Guidance Healing and Intuitive Life Coaching. I work with your spiritual guides about the soul lessons that you are working with as well as how to apply practical action to shift the dynamics you have been experiencing and step into your potential and freedom. A wonderful addition to a one on one session is to order a  custom blended Flower Essences which supports you between sessions.

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My journey with Higher Guidance began when I was a young child and met a few of my guides clear as day. As my life unfolded, I had other spiritual experiences with the infinite light. These experiences lit a fire within me and I have always been a seeker of truth. I began my healing training right out of college. I began as a Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and Flower Essence Practitioner. I completed a 3 year apprenticeship learning Healing Science, created by Barbara Brenna and studied with Sonia Choquette as a certified as a Six Sensory Practitioner. I eventually moved more into the corporate arena and was trained as a Life Coach and recieved a Masters Degree in Organizational Development from Pepperdine University. 




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