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Higher Guidance healing Training

Want to learn ancient mystery school teachings to get faster results with your clients, eliminate client burnout and earn more?

Are you an empath that is called to start a practice as an Intuitive Guide and Energy Healer and you want to learn the most effective, cutting edge and powerful methods available from a teacher with over 25 years experience?

The Higher Guidance Healing Practitioner Training is a powerful, in depth, 12-week certification program.

I teach you to work with maps of consciousness and to work directly with your guides to support powerful and deep transformation for your clients that lasts. You will learn to access the root cause of any issue or desire for expansion that your client is challenged with and support their expansion with grace and love.

For clients that have done a lot of transformation work, I also teach an ancient paradigm of healing that focuses on digesting patterns back into the essential nature. Accessing consciousness on this level transcends healing and invites your client to remember who they are. This is also where the gifts are revealed.

The core principles I teach in this course are:

  • Self as Instrument so you embody the work and principles
  • Integrated Transformation so you can be aligned in a paradigm of consciousness that is up to date with the latest discoveries in Quantum Physics.
  • Practices that give you a direct experience of your essential nature so that you can feel at ease as you work with clients and have more vitality and joy.
  • Powerful journeys that open your soul memories so that you can access, embody, and live from your unique gifts.
  • Develop a relationship with your Guides so that you can get immediate guidance about the root causes of your client's suffering.
  • Learn a repertoire of Energy Healing methods that help your clients get unstuck including, Inner Child Healing, Past Life Healing, Ancestral Healing, Akashic Records, and Living an Empowered Life so that your clients operate from unlimited potential rather than conditioning.

Included in this 12-week course:

  • You can choose to be apprenticed in person or online, or learn in a small group setting in person or online. Being apprenticed includes weekly one-hour development sessions, and being in a small group of up to 5 students includes weekly two-hour development sessions.
  • Receive a Higher Guidance Healing Practitioner Manual.
  • Experience being coached and mentored about how to get faster results with clients working with Higher Guidance Healing.
  • Certification Process included in addition to Development Sessions.
  • Monthly office hours are available to practice and deepen your skill level with other students.

The Higher Guidance Course is a prerequisite to take the Higher Guidance Healing Training.

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"April has changed my life in the most powerful way. Her training and guidance allowed me to remember the truth of who I am while awakening a deep sense of empowerment within. She helped me uncover the tools to be my own healer by connecting to infinite love and bliss. As a Marriage and Family Therapist this training has heightened my intuition as a clinician and has transformed the way I hold space for clients. Learning how to integrate these spiritual practices into psychotherapy feels crucial. I am beyond grateful for the magical experience of working with April, she is a pure soulful light who radiates love and understanding. Her ability to separate from ego sets her apart from many teachers out there. Whether you are a therapist looking to deepen your practice or a woman seeking to feel more connected, this training will bring you into the depths of your heart and break you open in the most beautiful way." Meghan Turner LMFT

"The Higher Guidance Healer Practitioner program changed my life, truly. Through the knowledge gained, I can access more - more awareness, more confidence, more connection, more vitality. With the tools learned, I can help clients release issues with ease. In fact, one of my favorite part of sessions is a client's surprise on how effortless healing can be. Don’t let April's humble and unassuming demeanor fool you, she is a powerhouse. With gentleness, she brings decades of experience, a vast well of knowledge, and a deep personal practice, which she has masterfully crafted into this beautiful program. What amazes me is the continued grounded growth that happens personally and professionally as I utilize all that I have learned from April’s program. It’s delightful." Starre T Higher Guidance Healing Practitioner and Life Coach