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Higher Guidance course

Ready to experience your full intuitive genius? Developed intuition is the hidden key to empowering you to discover and embody your unique path of wild success.

Now is the time to develop your gifts. You know that everything is vibration and consciousness, this training will teach you the map and language of energy, guiding you to have greater success and enjoyment in life, as well as in your work with clients if you are a practitioner.

I have taught thousands of people Higher Guidance, a blend of intuitive development, learning to read energy and work directly with your spiritual guides since 2010. This course evolved organically as all the clients I see are highly empathic or clairsentient (feel others energy in their own bodies) and I was amazed that none of them had received proper training to harness their intuitive genius, or how to care for themselves as an empath. 

Working with your guides accelerates your personal healing and ablility to manifest in a quantum way, as you can see through to the root cause of any issue, aligning you with who you truly are, which is a game changer for your life.

Your guides have powerful messages for you to expand your awareness so you can cocreate with ease. My job as your teacher, is to share with you individualized tips and feedback so you can refine your awareness, giving you faster results.

This training lights your life on fire and brings it to full color. I can't imagine my life without my guides and the clear intuitive messages that are there for me all day as well as with clients. Over the last 15 years it is my guides who share with me what is happening with a client so we can get to the root imprints, digest them, allowing for a swell of creative energy and clarity to move to the forefront of expression.

The benefits of this training:

  • Increased wealth and success as you listen and hear the guidance that takes you on a path that is for your unique exprerssion
  • Live a life on purpose
  • Deeper more fulfilling relationships because you are embodying more of who you really are 
  • Emotional resiliance
  • Mental clarity
  • Increased vitality, living a life on purpose is the foundation to health, your life has more meaning as you share your unique gifts with the world 
  • Delight as you learn to tune to your true nature
  • Increased effectivenss 
  • Save time and money as your decision making process is aligned with who you truly are
  • A deep trust in your unique journey to wellbeing, fullfillment and success

You will learn:

  • A methodical step by step process for receiving guidance
  • What is the best state to be in to receive guidance?
  • How to receive and ask for guidance
  • Discover who your guides are
  • Know how to recognize who your guides are
  • Practices to work with the guides for healing
  • Recieve support to experience powerful expansion in an area of your life you are focused on right now.

Included in this 8 week course:

  • Weekly, 60 minute Higher Guidance development sessions where you can ask questions and be apprenticed on the material or in a small group setting. Receive coaching and guidance about how to go deeper with your Higher Guidance and apply it in your life to unlock your potential.

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"I've taken April's Higher Guidance Course and the amount of growth I've seen in both my intuitive practice and gifts are truly astounding. She is a wealth of wisdom and has truly taught me how to be a better teacher and healer. Thank you, April, for taking my spiritual practice to the next level. I appreciate your wisdom, love, and ability to create sacred space for growth, healing, and expansion." Kristen R