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Higher Guidance Group

Are you ready to remember who you are and why you are here? Do you have a desire to learn how to heal yourself? Do you crave to work directly with your spiritual guides for daily guidance and support? The Higher Guidance Group is a powerful journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Learn practical methods that you can use to heal as well as live your purpose. Your guides have powerful messages and codes they are waiting for you to receive to expand your awareness of who you are and cocreate with them in delight and ease.

My job as an experienced guide and teacher is to support you in refining your awareness so you can have these direct experiences with your guides. I love this training so much because of how powerful the results are for the women who take this course.

I believe this is an essential training for empaths and healers because you are sensitive to the energy of others and the collective. Without proper training many times you are tuning into the lowest energy in the room or absorbing others pain rather than tuning into the higher frequencies and dimensions of inspiration, delight, joy and aligned guidance. 

This course is for empaths, coaches and therapists who want to learn to read energy, work with their guides and learn about consciousness to accelerate their own transformation as well as support their work with clients if you are a practitioner.

The women who are attracted to this course have had powerful, intuitive guidance that changed their life and they want more. They want to learn how to tune in to their guidance at will, not by chance to create powerful shifts and up level their life.

You will learn:

  • A methodical step by step process for receiving guidance
  • What is the best state is to receive guidance, and how to create this state for yourself to get clear guidance
  • How to receive and ask for guidance
  • Discover who your Guides are
  • Know how to recognize them
  • Tools to create precision in what guidance you are receiving
  • Practices to work with the Guides for personal healing and empowerment

Included in the course:

  • Higher Guidance Manual
  • Weekly 2 hour Training, Coaching and Integration Call where you experience your Higher Guidance in real-time and receive development and feedback
  • Private Student Facebook Group

The next Higher Guidance Group starts on March 9th 6pm - 8pm PST. Ready to sign up? Click the link below for one payment of 888.00 or two monthly payments of 444.00.

If you would like more information about how this course will support you, book a clarity call. Or join my Free Facebook group to get inspired, and receive free trainings to develop your intuition and receive tools to support you as an empowered, abundant practitioner and empath.

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"I've been in April's Higher Guidance Group and the amount of growth I've seen in both my intuitive practice and gifts are truly astounding. She is a wealth of wisdom and has truly taught me how to be a better teacher and healer. Thank you, April, for taking my spiritual practice to the next level. I appreciate your wisdom, love, and ability to create sacred space for growth, healing, and expansion." Kristen R