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Higher Guidance Group

The Higher Guidance Group is an 8 week program designed to develop your intuition and a relationship with your guides to gain clarity, empowerment, confidence, and to experience your potential, living your purpose. 

This course is for empaths, those of you who are feelers, who are sensitive to energy, that when you hear people talk about Spiritual Guides you are curious and want to learn this skill for yourself.

The women who are attracted to this course have had powerful intuitive guidance that changed their life and they want more. They want to learn how to tune in to their guidance at will, not by chance to create powerful shifts and uplevel their life.

You will learn:

A methodical step by step process for receiving guidance

What the best state is to receive guidance and how to create that state for yourself to be positioned to get clear guidance.

How to receive and ask for guidance.

Discover who is your Spiritual Guidance Team?

Know how to recognize them.

Tools to create precision in what guidance you are receiving. 

Practices to work with the Guides for personal healing and empowerment.

Included in the course:

Digital Course

Higher Guidance Manual

Weekly Coaching and Integration Call where you experience your Higher Guidance in real time and receive development and feedback

Private Student Facebook Group

Access to Weekly Calls after the 8 Weeks

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