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Meditation Group

A key component in learning to connect and drop into awareness of who you really are, joy, bliss, and love, is learning to meditate. Working with healers for transformation and healing is wonderful, however the results from a session will fade without your dedication to your own development and growth. The most impactful action you can take to elevate your life to the next level is to meditate. You can begin 11 minutes a day and receive dramatic, positive shifts in your life. The easiest and most fun way to learn to meditate is to join a group. Meditating with other people is a powerful container to motivate you to listen to your higher guidance rather than your busy mind that tells you that you have too much to do in your day to sit in meditate. Once the practice is in place, staying motivated is easy because the benefits are so amazing. 

I offer a virtual meditation group that takes place every Wednesday at your lunch hour. The virtual group begins at 12:15pm PST and lasts 45 minutes, you call in from wherever you are to join the practice. To sign up, click the Buy Now button and get your monthly pass. I will email you some questions to assess your experience with meditation. Beginners and advanced meditators are welcome. I will send you some teachings about meditation techniques that match your level of experience and intention for wanting to start a meditation practice. You will join a beautiful community of like-minded people that you can connect with in the private FB group sharing your journey into deeper connection and awareness of Self. This group will help you become a regular, daily meditator. Can't wait to sit with you! The next group begins January 2019. You join via teleconference from anywhere in the world.

Meditation Group $60

Higher Guidance Group

Have you experienced a sense that there is more information, wisdom and insight available to you than you currently have access to? Are you sensitive to energy or vibes and would like to learn to create more resilience, accessing your sensitivity as a gift rather than a weakness? Are you curious about spiritual guides and desire to work with yours directly? Learning to work with your Higher Guidance, Intuition or Clairs is one of my biggest passions. The people that are attracted to my work are sensitives. They are the ones that everyone goes to, to receive comfort, or advice. They are empaths or have a natural sixth sense about things. If you want to develop that skill to expand your life and awareness of who you really are, this is the group for you. I will teach you to anchor and organize the amazing intuitions and insights that are available to you in any moment of any day. I will help you develop awareness of your unique brand of intuition. You will practice applying this guidance to your life for transformation. You will jion a community of like-minded people.

The group lasts for four months, at that time there is an opportunity to re-enroll in another 4 months of training. I only invite participating members to re-enroll once the group has started. To enroll, send me an email that includes a little bit about you, your experience with healing, intuition and your reason for wanting to join. I will schedule a 10 minute call to connect and learn more about you to ensure the skills I am teaching match your development. I look forward to connecting with you soon! You can join my groups via video conferencing from anywhere in the world.

Higher Guidance Group $640

Waters of the Moon Priestess and Higher Guidance Training Program

This program is a 9 month training for Therapists, Life Coach’s, Healers, and change makers. This is a beautiful invitation for you to go deep into your connection with the divine feminine and Source energy, I love teaching and am ecstatic to share what has evolved for me over 22 years of private practice as an Energy Healer, Intuitive Life Coach and Higher Guidance Practitioner. I truly believe that the old models of working to transform one’s life solely with the mind have reached a glass ceiling, and it is time to expand with consciousness based modalities. The Priestess Initiation and experience adds a depth of love, devotion, bliss and service that comes  when connected to something greater than oneself. This is also a time when the divine feminine is emerging to be reclaimed. Many of the women I work with have memories of being persecuted for being healers and guides and this training holds space to heal those memories fully releasing the empowerment that was pushed down in lifetimes past. The training takes place over 9 months, 3 weekend workshops and 6 monthly evening workshops as well as a private FB group and access to me for mini coaching calls to integrate the homework and practice sessions. At completion of the training you will be a certified Higher Guidance Practitioner and welcome to participate in the Waters of the Moon Priestess gatherings ongoing. Please email me to express your interest in the 2019 cohort that begins in September.

Higher Guidance Practitioner Training Program $3333

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