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Flower Essences

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Flower essences are vibrational tinctures fantastic for transforming patterns and imbalanced emotional, mental, and spiritual states. The essences are different from essential oils in that they don't have a fragrance. You take them under the tongue, like a homeopathic remedy. You can also apply them on the body with a massage or put them in water to drink or the bath.


Flower Essence healing takes place through the law of resonance, connecting a soul to the positive aspects that the flower has to offer. The flower is the soul of a plant, so it works on the soul level. At the same time imbalanced states, you were experiencing fall away as your soul discovers a way of being that has more ease. When studying which Flower Essence is right for you, the signature of the flower is considered. This includes the way the plant grows, the shape of the flower, the color, and the environment where it grows. A reading of your chakras and energy field is also used as a guide to choose which essence balances you the best.

Flower Essence blends are taken for 4 to 6 weeks daily. Some of the essences in your blend will integrate with your energy field within that time and other essences you take longer depending on the strength of the pattern you are working to transform. Flower Essences are powerful for children.

To experience the amazing benefits of Flower Essences book a Custom Flower Essence as a stand alone session or I can include a Flower Essence blend with your One-on-One Session and ship it to you. 


Book a Custom Flower Essence