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Opulent practioner

The Opulent Practitioner Program is a power packed, 12 week experience, learning how to get accelerated results with clients and become more profitable as a practitioner. The program includes my life changing Higher Guidance Group to develop your intuitive guidance and connection with spiritual guides for self healing. You also learn Higher Guidance Healing and how to integrate this modality into your therapy, healing or coaching practice. Higher Guidance Healing combines energy medicine with intuitive guidance.

A unique thread all through the program is embodying the priestess archetype. Working with the priestess is empowering, rejuvenating and supports your ability to hold a powerful healing space and tap into your intuitive guidance by remembering your soul's journey. Your inner priestess is the part of you who knows exactly how to connect into love and bliss at any given moment, an essential skill as a practitioner both for self care and for sharing your gifts with others.

Opulence is another focus of the program and how you receive abundance and a steady flow of grace by being aligned with your true nature. We will also spend time exploring how you receive these fruits both as assessed by your enjoyment of your day, as well as your relationship to being compensated. You will be able to apply what you learn immediately and get these results. Book a clarity call with me to learn more!

Opulent Practitioner Clarity Call