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What is Higher Guidance?

Everyone has Higher Guidance. It’s our inner navigational system that points us in the direction of expressing our highest potential and joy. All of life is vibration and you can learn to tune into these vibrations and receive guidance about the choices that creates the most ease, love and joy both for yourself and others. Higher Guidance has three parts. There is the experience of Full Sense Perception of vibration and energy of your inner world, which is like an expanded version of mindfulness or awareness, allowing for more transformation, ease and alignment in your life.

Full Sense Perception also works to help you sense the vibration in your outer world, which are fields of energy or consciousness that are full of information. This helps you make informed choices that support the greater flow of love, joy and your highest potential both for you and others.

There is also guidance that comes from messages from the larger part of you or your higher self or your helpers or spiritual guides. I see this as a very natural expression of life and is not part of any spiritual path, I view it as just life. My viewpoint on this comes from my own direct experience since I was a young child.

When tapped into your guidance you raise your life to a new frequency. Your relationships are more fulfilling, you experience more abundance and vibrant health as well as a deeper connection to all that is. Check out my Groups page to learn more about developing your Higher Guidance.

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75 Minute Session $160

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