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Higher Guidance Sessions

What is Higher Guidance?
Everyone has Inner and Higher Guidance signaling us when we are in the flow, when we are not and what to do about it. Tuning into guidance brings insights into the lessons your soul is learning. Working with your Inner and Higher Guidance is an essential skill if you are passionate about living a joyful life connected to your authentic self. Your Inner Guidance comes from your higher self and is a small voice within.

Your Higher Guidance comes from your angels, spiritual guides, nature spirits and other light beings that are here to support your soul's journey. When tapped into your guidance you raise your life to a new frequency. Your relationships are more fulfilling, you experience more abundance and vibrant health as well as a deeper connection to all that is. Challenging times or growth periods are easier because you know in the heart of your being that you are not alone and there is something magical you are learning.

Higher Guidance Session
Develop awareness of your unique style of reading energy and accessing your Inner and Higher Guidance. Spend time tuning into a current situation where you desire more clarity. Develop a daily practice that supports you tapping into this inner wisdom. Flower Essences or Essential Oils can be integrated to support your developing intuitive gifts. Experience this session in my office or over the phone.

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Higher Guidance Healing 
Take your skills of insight and personal growth to the next level while at the same time, heal, release and achieve clarity about anything in your life that is no longer serving you. Learn to create a sacred space, connect with your guides and call forth your intention of healing. Next, I will guide you through an inner journey of learning to read your own energy and integrate energetic blocks, listening deeply to what your spirit is communicating to you and the blessings coming forth. This will connect you more deeply to your signature energy, strengthening you. These sessions support the development of new beliefs supporting the shifts you are creating in your life, creating even more abundance for you. Flower Essences or Essential Oils can be integrated to support your experience. This session is available in my office or over the phoneSessions last 60 - 75 minutes.

Higher Guidance Session $160

Contact April Waldman to request an appointment for a Higher Guidance Session in person or by phone.