Discover Your Delightful Self

Foundations in hIGHEr guidance

A 12 week online journey to support you in embodying your Delightful Self, the part of you that is connected, infinite and blissful. A key step on this journey is to learn to work with subtle energy and expand the operating system in which you experience yourself and your life. This course is a foundation for those who are sensitive to energy, or who are working with their spiritual guides naturally, yet are wanting more integration of the lightness and connection that comes from these experiences into daily life. A large part of this integration is learning a daily practice, as well as moving beyond the stories that are the blueprint for your experience. A powerful way to do this is working with subtle body or prana. 

Experience powerful process's to support your moving into greater flow and expansion, integrating and dissolving the stories, beliefs and ways of being that are ready to be returned to love or who you truly are. This part of the journey is key because your Higher Guidance flows through the lense of our own energy so aligning our thoughts, feelings and actions with your Higher Self is essential to receive clear guidance. You will also learn maps of consciousness to facilitate your connection with your Higher Guidance and develop your Full Sense Perception or ability to read energy. Learn principles that align your life with ease and learn to balance and strengthen your energy bodies. Practice the four anchors of living in a vibration of love. Empowered self inquiry to receive guidance on your life's challenges. These skills anchor your connection with your Delightful Self.

The benefits of practicing Higher Guidance are living in ease and grace. Knowing that you are love and connected to all of life. Feeling more peace and joy. Confidence to move through challenges. Receive the gifts that are on the other side of frozen or held imprints that hold stuck paterns in place. Melt away beliefs that keep you in suffering and install beliefs that support your alignment with your Delightful Self. Connect into the courage to take inspired action that is aligned with your authentic self.

What is Included

12 Weekly Groups Wednesdays 7:00-9:00pm PST on zoom

Foundations in Higher Guidance Manual 

12 Weekly lessons with practices 

Private Facebook Group

Limited to 10 participants

Next Course Starts

September 1st - November 17th, 2021

This is an online course

Foundations in Higher Guidance

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