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What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is a fantastic way to recenter, reconnect, reset, and transform your life. Resolve root causes of patterns that hold you back that would take years in therapy to resolve, but with Energy Healing transformation moves much quicker. If you have a mental illness, active addiction or trauma, Energy Healing in conjunction with therapy is recommended. Energy Healing is amazing for increasing your sense of well being, reducing stress, relief from anxiety and overwhelm, increases your clarity and vitality, resolve emotional and mental patterns that hold you back, heal and transform your relationships and expression of creativity in your life purpose.  Energy Healing is also a wonderful experience to expand your journey of self discovery, potential and awakening.

How Does Energy Healing Work?

To receive an Energy Healing relax in a chair or lie down, in person or via video in the comfort of your homw. Healing energy flows from the universal energy field, your awareness, as well as healing spiritual guides. I hold the space and clear focus to support your deep healing. Experience feeling deeply refreshed with a new perspective on your life. 

Your energy or qi is your life force and when it is flowing, you experience vitality, good health and ease in your life. Energy or prana has many different aspects created by your genetics, lifestyle, experiences, your thoughts and emotions, higher wisdom or Higher Guidance, bliss and the infinite self. When you experience pain or challenges in your life this shows up in your energetic field and when worked on at this level can bring forth information about the root cause as well as, once an individual goes within and allows the energy to unwind via your awareness old frozen emotions, beliefs, experiences from past lives or from the collective unconscious can be resolved. Once an individual brings love and wisdom to these root causes while staying connected with the part of you that is whole, you begin to respond differently to these pain points. As you respond differently you begin to create new beliefs and insights around these areas that used to cause pain, but now are fuel for your transformation. 

75 Minute Session $160

Bear In Meadow

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