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I am so happy you found my website! It is my intent that as you browse around my site you will feel more joy, and connection to who you really are, bliss, or the Delightful Self. This is what my work is all about. I have been working with clients and teaching since 1996. 

What are sessions like?

Sessions begin with setting a sacred space. Next, we assess the themes that are arising for you and your highest desires for the session. I take you through guided exercises to open your awareness and connect deeper with yourself. I spend time assessing your energetic field to see how different themes are showing up there., and if you like support you experincing this as well. Throughout your sesison I hold an awareness of the infitine being that you are. That all the patterns and themes are all signposts to your greater potential and expansion and not who you are. Accessing this by itself is very healing.

Next, we move into the experiential part of the session, balancing and recharging your energy field, identifying and transforming root causes of challenging patterns you are experiencing with Energy Healing Higher Guidance and Intuitive Life Coaching. This is a powerful experience of expanding and reconnecting with the part of you that is infinite and whole. I spend time teaching you to live your life from the inside out. Your greatest potential expressed comes from you being deeply aware and connected with who you are and living from that place.

The last part of your session we process your transformational experience, the guidance that came through and your learnings or insights. Receive coaching around next steps, practices and support to take you to your next level of freedom.  Flower Essences may also be integrated for your highest healing.

Interested in training with me?

Higher Guidance Level 1 and 2, a journey of personal transformation and developing your Higher Guidance bringing more magic, fredom, joy and love in your life. 

Higher Guidance Level 3 teaches you and certifies you to be a HIgher Guidance Practitioner. This experience takes your personal journey of transformation deeper as well as trains you to be a Higher Guidance Practitioner. 

HIgher Guidance Level 4 is a journey into your connection with the Divine Feminine. Experience powerful practices that open your experience of bliss.

April Waldman





My Education

I am a certified Life Coach, Higher Guidance Practitioner and Teacher, Reiki Master and Energy Healer trained in Healing Science, created by Barbara Brennan. I am certified as a Six Sensory Practitioner, trained by Sonia Coquette. I completed the the Flower Essence Societie's Training in the meadows of Lake Tahoe and hold a Masters Degree in Organizational Development from Pepperdine University. 




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